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Real Reasons Why The United States Makes War

by : notepad
Saturday January 21, 2006 - 03:59

When you hear Bush and his repetitions of democracy and freedom for all nations of the world, say to yourself, BULLSH*T!!! ...look for the real signs ...the true indicators of why the U.S. invades, attacks and occupies another country.

The reasons are multifaceted, though simply put, the aggressive foreign policies we are seeing, the covert activities and the military strong arming used against other nations by the United States are by all accounts, actions used to coerce, intimidate and force others into submission ...in order to plunder a targeted nation’s natural resources and to create a conduit for profitable illegal activities.

By scrutinizing hot spots of current, or past conflict in the world, you will always notice that any particular country that the U.S. challenges and/or invades is one where a unique situation exists ...a financial opportunity whereby an elite group of influential banking interests have identified a region as being ripe for enormous profit.

Though not an all-inclusive list, some of the most obvious which heartless profiteers use to identify and target a region, and to justify an invasion include the following:

 a country which controls, harvests, or has the potential to supply valuable natural resources such as oil, gas, timber, gold, etc.

 a country with a weakened economy, unstable political infrastructure, and/or a less superior defense system

 a nation of people and leaders who speak out against U.S. global dominance and who are opposed to American interference in their country’s affairs

 a country with generally remote, inaccessible areas which can accommodate the cultivation and distribution of illegal narcotics

 a region that offers a strategic geographic advantage to further secure and police the area via U.S. military bases, etc.

 a nation which refuses to bend to the U.S. and its partners’ demands, intimidation, or bribes

 a country where an opportunity exists to denigrate a people’s culture, destroy their history, and/or impose religious beliefs upon them

 an area where projected profits will exceed the costs of invasion, occupation and exit ...an exit which would only occur when little remains left to be extracted

From plundering another country’s natural resources and killing its people (the resistance), to loan manipulation, cooking the books, selling human body parts, the dope trade, and proliferation of weaponry and increasing profits from arms sales...

...preemptive strikes, invasions and war waged against other sovereign countries have NOTHING to do with spreading democracy and freedom to other people ...and EVERYTHING to do with greed, lawlessness, murder and theft.

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Commentaires de l'article

> Real Reasons Why The United States Makes War
Saturday January 21 - 16:27 - Posted by a1b3fa8065f68eef...

Good post. You have identified many of the indicators that the Bush administration uses to identify their next targets. Right now Bush and Condi rice are threatening Iran and Syria, almost daily, trying to provoke them into some sort of action which Bush will seize upon to invade, or send cruise missiles, drone planes, even atomic weapons for his imperial glory. No nation is the world is safe from the intrusion and dangerous scrutiny of the Bush pirate crew. Thei weapons are lies, deception, stealth, misinformation, spinning of intelligence reports, etc. in order to become the world’s greatest terror promoter. Bush is the source of most of the active terror in the world and recognizes no boundary to his aggression. The Constitution, for Bush, is a worthless piece of parchment, to be shoved aside for any whim of Bush.

> Real Reasons Why The United States Makes War
Saturday January 21 - 17:21 - Posted by 2b2217ab04e2d488...


Bush has nothing to do with it. US imperialism does not either.

It is not about oil we have plenty.

http://home.earthlink.net/ root.man...

The main reson is that the "axis of evil" countries are the last ones that are not controlled by the globalist bankers.

The profits, bases, death and caos are just icing on the cake.

These wars are to weaken the US.

A world wide police state is being built.

The US will be used to get the last few countries under control of the globalists then the US will be allowed to collapse.

> Real Reasons Why The United States Makes War
Saturday January 21 - 18:44 - Posted by f185a6386a66618a...

Wrong again ! The USA will and has excercised its "right" of its will....in other words, if your strong enough to take something, then take it ! Who is going to stop you ? Not the liberals who whine and cry about the "unfairness" of it all, not the religious zealots who look to heaven for retribution and justice.

ONLY those strong enough will survive, the USA is the strongest right now, ask any central banker Haa Haa ...... Its cruel and its mean and its life ending for the conquered. Usually horrible acts of destruction, but war is not a fun place to be, but humanity is a warring creature, so we must enjoy it somehow. But we cover that up with the "revisions" to history, as the "Victors ALWAYS write History, not the losers"...As it should be.

Organized religion is "crowd control" for the uneducated masses of third world, and even the so called educated in the 1st. world’s that are too scared to face the end of their lives for what it really is, THE END... and especially for dictators like Bush and Hitler, the president of Iran, Saddham Hussein and even the Pope who shovel feed their B.S. to the scared willing people for mental consumption ! Think about it ? Even christianity is formed and shaped to benefit the jews...if you use the only accurate litmus test of truth, the FTM principal (Follow The Money) it all is very clear to the thinking person. Ask yourself, Who stands to benefit from this ?" The answer of truth will come ringing thru...but do you have the balls to believe it ? THATS the question, its not rocket science. Just try to believe with a straight face some or all the testament or Talmud or Quran.... its sillyness and you have to be high on crack to believe some of those stories in those scriptures, I mean Come on Now ? its Baffling how stupid people can be. Gullible also.

The world is NOT a fair place, im glad im American and not a middle easterner, im glad Im a male instead of a female, fairness is a myth ! No matter how much one group complains of the UN-fairness of any situation, NOTHING will change until your strong enough to do something about it, until then...your only sometimes tolerated by those who will kill you if you get too loud.

The choice is yours......MOST all decide to be on the side of the strongest, evindence: How many people from the USA are trying to immigrate to China or Iran ? As opposed to HOW MANY Iranians and Chinese are trying to immigrate to the USA ? Numbers cannot lie.

> Real Reasons Why The United States Makes War
Saturday January 21 - 20:14 - Posted by dd72796790551c58...

One day this will turn on you as well. You will not always be young, sir. You will be weak and old and unless you are extremely wealthy, you will be thrown away. Don’t you see that this thinking and philosophy brings out the worst in humanity, not the best? Remember, what goes around comes around. This world you are describing and by all accounts is taking place in our country through the actions of Bush and company, will be a LIVING HELL.

> Real Reasons Why The United States Makes War
Tuesday January 24 - 01:47 - Posted by 41235718c559d6a2...

This NOT my plan or idea...its what happening ! I am repulsed by it too. But the facts remain facts, even if you choose not to believe them. Ivory tower speculation will get you no where, force and intelligence will get you everything.

> Real Reasons Why The United States Makes War
Saturday January 21 - 21:46 - Posted by 9bc44794c1e491a7...

You are so wrong. The US is a crumbling empire. The international bankers that have enriched themselves through the Federal Reserve are about to cause the changes you are seeing. The US will be no more soon because the fiat system and it’s currency made out of thin air is about to come to a stop. Iran is about to open it’s own bourse for oil trading purposes with reserves of euro. That will destroy the hegemony of the dollar that the US built it’s empire with thanks to the bosses, the international bankers via the House of Rothschild. This destruction has been by design. Look it up. History is at everyone’s reach. If you dig enough, you will see it all.

> Real Reasons Why The United States Makes War
Tuesday January 24 - 01:52 - Posted by 41235718c559d6a2...

Your under the impression that a fiat currency will somehow run out of steam ! Nothing could be further from the truth ! Greenspan, Bush and his daddy are NOT dipsh!ts, no matter how much you dont like them, it can and will continue to keep going for a long, long time. I’ve heard all of that austrian and keynesian economic theory before, it doesnt move me. Economists and "lounge chair economists" like most of the people here seem to forget that economic principals are exactly that PRINCIPALS not physics governed by the laws of gravity, its governed by those who run it ! Dont confuse the laws of science with the theory of economics, nothing in finance is hard and fast, NOTHING !

> Real Reasons Why The United States Makes War
Sunday January 22 - 01:16 - Posted by a74917e0d02f5945...

You can not be helped...but you need it very much.

> Real Reasons Why The United States Makes War
Tuesday January 24 - 01:44 - Posted by 41235718c559d6a2...

Maybe I need relgion perhaps ?

> Real Reasons Why The United States Makes War
Sunday January 22 - 02:36 - Posted by 9380c064bd49c68e...

I can see no strength in the US behavior: if it´s so strong, why don´t it invade China or Russia? Clearly, the US is like a neighborhood thug wich robs old people, children and women, but has no power to face someone of his side. There´s also the question of why is a central bank supposed to be strong, where is his strength? his strength consist just in delude people that there´s something called society, where things are supposed to be "fair": this you call strength I call just oportunism, illusion; is a negative behavior found in nature in little animals, to hide and to delude, like the chamaleon; not the lion, the tiger or the rinoceron. That´s why the US try to get support for his politics with falsities like "exporting democracy" or "combating terrorism", because if the elite said that it will invade Iraq for profiteering, it would not have "strength" to convince millions of americans and europeans to go along in the way. It´s just a farse, you can call it smartness, lack of character or wich ever you want to, but don´t come with this darwinian shit of "rule of the strongest", for it doesn´t make much sense. Strength never uses subterfuges.

> Real Reasons Why The United States Makes War
Tuesday January 24 - 02:01 - Posted by 41235718c559d6a2...

WRONG AGAIN !!! The U.S.A. is NOT like a neighborhood thug ! Its THE BIGGEST neighorhood thug on the block WITH the police force on its side ! Who is going to stop them ? China ? I think not..They love selling to the Americans, Russia ? who ? Russia is so broke it cannot even pay attention, PLUS they like Capitalism now they’ve had a small chance at it, only the uneducated and skill-less dislike capitalism, pleeease !

Some common sense people, take out the attitude of the Big Bad United States, its Big and Its Bad...but its the best game in town, ask any Chinese. The strong will ALWAYS survive and the conquered will complain, whine and give up. As it should be ! Either join the winners in life and start winning or be prepared to be conquered. Dont expect the sill UN to help you out either, they’re too busy lining their pockets with US greenbacks.

> Real Reasons Why The United States Makes War
Sunday January 22 - 10:01 - Posted by 97387900a7d02b92...

Oil has everthing to do with it. Why were the heads of oil companies, along with darth Cheney allowed to formulate our energy policy? Why was the NEPDG in early 2001 devising maps of the last known major oil reserves.http://www.judicialwatch.org/071703... Lets not forget who in the Bush administration has lengthly ties in the past to major oil companies. Rice, Cheney, Bush etc. Also that most of the docs. from this group was blocked from being made public through FOIA. Strange how later that year we were attacked by OBL not Iraq. But just the opportunity they were looking for to invade and establish a presence in Iraq. The fact is peak oil is real and coming. When? 5 years or 15 Years, dosen’t really matter. What matters is controlling the last know big reserves and what an opportunity Iraq was for this to happen.

> Real Reasons Why The United States Makes War
Saturday January 21 - 23:06 - Posted by 1c23ae1c8458568b...

Message from Adolph Hitler: Dear comrades my ideas have finally triumphed.

> Real Reasons Why The United States Makes War
Sunday January 22 - 11:56 - Posted by fc6d45baf358f3c8...

the fourth reich is alive@well

> Real Reasons Why The United States Makes War
Monday January 23 - 03:55 - Posted by eb340d478b1f5cc3...

Why do we wage war? So that the ruling elite can make massive amts. of money. A boogie man is always invented by the ruling elite. Then stage an attack on your own citizens alla 9-11 and walla we got a new war. War is also used by the ruling elite to trim the herd so to speak. Eliminate the lower classes of society. What do you think they use the DU uranium for? population control the gift that keeps giving. Military men will bring it back home to sterilize there wives and produce children with birth defects. My only hope is that more Americans will wake up and we can all have a massive lynching party of all the ruling elite. Lets start with the Rockerfellers. Happy hunting.

> Real Reasons Why The United States Makes War
Tuesday January 24 - 02:13 - Posted by 41235718c559d6a2...

Interesting but WRONG !!

Take a poll in the bad part of the town you live in and ask 10 "down on their luck" type people who live down there, if they would rather fight and possibly die for the "principal of fairness" or fight for some "Money" ..cold hard cash.... I’ll bet you they will ALWAYS choose money Ahh yes.. the good old greenbacks !... Dont be foolish...... You see, even the poor, downtrodden have a little central banker hidden in themselves... Haahaa ..

A: Big money can hire the BIG guns !
B: Little money and fights to the death for silly principals are for Hollywood movies, not reality.

Rockefeller has more "financial ability" to start an army, what do you have ? Ideals ? Haahahaaa

he’s not going to be lynched anytime soon. Haahaaa ! Your funny. You STILL believe life is fair !! You’ll grow up someday. Hopefully. Now back to your silly, meaningless job stapling paper together for the big company and quite wasting his money on your salary while you surf the net whining about inequity when you should be working !

> Real Reasons Why The United States Makes War
Saturday February 4 - 20:01 - Posted by 8eba2d866c03783b...


> Real Reasons Why The United States Makes War
Tuesday February 14 - 15:45 - Posted by 45d89ee6e94b1eb9...

Brainwashing 101 by Ben Shapiro Most here are those students he speaks of in this book.

I’ve never read so much revisionist history here. Many of you do not understand the U.S.Constitution, Bill of Rights or the founders intent of this great country. Also World History.

Gross ignorance is glaringly evident in these post. Please educate yourselves to the unvarnished truth and shed the propaganda of your socialistic professors.

> Real Reasons Why The United States Makes War
Wednesday February 15 - 20:42 - Posted by 45d89ee6e94b1eb9...

Saddam WMD Tapes
ABC News ^ | February 15, 2006 | Brian Ross

Posted on 02/15/2006 6:42:11 AM PST by AJFavish


More on ABC World News Tonight, tonight.



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