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8th. March -----The Modi-fied International Women’s Day In Gujarat

By : Dwarika Nath Rath

8th. March -----The Modi-fied International Women’s Day In Gujarat 8th. March the International Women’s Day always comes in a year to make firm pledge for the rights of the women. The women all over the world come forward to raise voice against the discrimination of women, sexploitation, which has become the order in the era of LPG. The concept of socialist women is becoming a vanishing concept. The historical significance of women’s day is diluted by promoting consumerism and promoting women as sex object by the corporate world. The dignity of working women is purposefully undermined . As May Day is the Working class day so also the 8th March is known as International working women Day which has been deliberately used as International Women’s day only. But the houner of women has been shadowed by the Govts and the corporate world.

In Gujarat the PM of India Mr. Narendra Modi is going to celebrate the day in Gandhinagar He will address the elected women Sarpanchs of India .He wants to celebrate the empowerment of women. Who does not know the women elected Sarpanchs are the YES YES ones only, devoid of freedom. They are the worst victim of saffronisation, growing communalism and enchained in the so called sacred spiritual, superstations by organised Holy organisations sponged by the ruling parties. The slogan of this All India Sarpanch Sammelan is SWACHH SHAKTI and what does it imply! As PM Mr. Modi is coming to Celebrate women’s day women of Ahmedabad and in the adjacent places there are prohibitory orders issued by the police on procession, meetings, congregation etc. The women organisations are not allowed to celebrate Women’s day in public places. The Prohibitory order stands till 11of March. So in Ahmedabad there won’t be any public programmes.on 8th March before or after. As a matter of fact it can be termed as the Modi-fied Women’s Day. Remember this Modi-fied women day will be celebrated in Mahatma Mandir, Gandhinager in back drop of the shameful Naliya sex racket, which has exposed the direct and indirect involvement of hosts of persons belonging to the ruling BJP . Schemes are going on sabotage the enquiry. An atmosphere is created to scare the 35 women victims of the sex racket, where about 65 persons are involved. A vigilantism is pursued such that no one open their mouth. Naliya sex racket is the tips in the iceberg. Ironically PM. Mr. Modi has not spoken a single word on Naliya sex racket, when he so enthusiast one to tweet on trivial issues. Under the BJP rulein Gujarat it is the road of sexploitation from Patan to Parul, where the persons enjoying the clout of the rung party is licenced to commit crime on women. Now it is the Sex Racket. There may be sp many Naliyas. It is a matter of grave concern that sexexpoitaion in Gujarat is becoming an epidemic. There is no sight of cesation. After the exposure of Naliya sex racket, about seven incident of rapes by powerful persons had come lime light only in the district of Kutchh.More over several incident are recorded through out Gujarat within this short span of time. Why? Perhaps the predators of sex crimes are enjoying the impunity of the Govt. and the administration. The figurs of sex crimes are increasing day by day but more than 90% of the crimes go un recorded. The reasons are social as well as fear.

The voices are gagged , Freedom suppressed. The women as the second sex are pushed to the market forces. So whither the women in Gujarat ? How safe are they? And what kind of International women day will be celebrated in Gujarat?

By- Dwarika Nath Rath

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