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As War Party shadow boxes, its agenda surges unopposed

By : Daniel Patrick Welch

Daniel Patrick Welch interview with PressTV. Transcript below, audio here:

Comey/Russiagate a Dangerous Distraction

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Daniel Patrick Welch

"The news item that Comey heard about being fired from TV, second hand, is funny. It’s comical, and if it’s true it’s obviously unprofessional like several Congressmen have said, things shouldn’t be handled that way—you know, whatever. But it really is yet another red herring in a whole, massive school of red herrings. It’s like living in an underwater National Geographic film, with the big school of fish swimming around. The thing is that this works in the US, because the population is so dumbed down and so brainwashed that their reaction to anything like this is almost never anything but “Ooh, shiny!” “Look over there; there’s something new and shiny!”

"You know, so what? About how it was handled, and what it means. I think the broader issue, which is another red herring, is that the Democrats are piling onto this like it is some sort of plot that all has to do with the Russiagate scandal that they have been trying to manufacture. The problem is that they are doing so solely as a reason to corral the existing, actual resistance to Trump’s agenda—a reactionary, right wing agenda—into their lousy two-party Ponzi scheme, so that there is never any actual resistance, but only what they say.

"And in this case it’s this redbaiting crap, this incredibly dangerous and pigheaded McCarthyite response to something for which first of all there is no real evidence—that Russia ‘hacked’ the election—hacking is of course the wrong word, they’re talking about *leaks* that came from the inside. What Ambassador Craig Murray said was that they were leaked by an official on the DNC himself.

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Russia ate Hillary’s homework - Ted Rall

"Even still, no matter what, the Russians didn’t write the emails. They were about how the US internally suppressed democracy, not about anything to do with Russia. Thirdly, you have this overlay of the absolutely ludicrous nature of the United States complaining about interference in elections when the United States has done nothing but this for a century. I mean—this is the thing: you can get distracted, you can say ‘but the Russians did this or that or the other thing. It’s easy.

""But you have to keep your eye on the ball. There is nothing new here; there is nothing different happening in the world today. The Anglo/US imperial hegemony, that has run amok in the world for almost half a millennium now, is clearly *the* main danger to the world. It is clearly *the* central contradiction in modern political history—which is Anglo/US hegemony vs. the entire mass of humanity. And to get distracted into little side issues and whirlpools, I think only feeds the beast. We can say that if Trump didn’t exist he would have to have been invented. It’s the perfect foil for a reactionary agenda and a fake political opposition that keeps things completely in line.

"This is the thing: Russia and China, increasingly together, with Iran, and to a lesser extent some other countries, are trying to push back against Western hegemony out of self-interest and for mere survival.

"They have different ways of approaching it. They have different ways of doing it. There are some contractions that make some parts of it maybe unseemly. It’s hard sometimes for Westerners to understand which way this is going, which way that is going, but that is the central fight, that’s happening now. And the Comey, Russia thing is a complete distraction, a complete nonsense.

"And besides we’re talking about the FBI! Liberals and Democrats want to get us all heated about who’s running the FBI? This J. Edgar Hoover’s agency! This is the agency of the Red Squad. This the agency that murdered Fred Hampton in his bed, that hunted down the Panthers, that created COINTELPRO, that created Red Squads, and has been spouting lie after lie about virtually every issue you can name, from Martin Luther King’s assassination to this Russiagate thing. There’s never been any trustworthy thing that served the people’s interest coming out of this agency.

"And so to get on board with this agenda just because it is new and shiny (Trump is bad)—it’s just not our fight. Our task is to push back against the most massive propaganda matrix ever assembled, that convinces people that up is down and day is night. The enemy is the same, the agenda is the same: Imperial hegemony and war to maximize profit. This means starting with repression of black and brown people at home and bombing brown people around the world to force countries into line. We need to shout the truth from the rooftops on every platform available to us. The fate of the world hangs in the balance."

(c) 2017 Daniel Patrick Welch. Reprint permission granted with credit and link to Political analyst, writer, linguist and activist Daniel Patrick Welch lives and writes in Salem, Massachusetts, with his wife. Together they run The Greenhouse School ( Translations of articles are available in up to 30 languages. Links to the website are appreciated at

Welch has also appeared as a guest on several TV and radio channels to speak on topics of foreign affairs and political analysis—around his day job. He can be available for interview requests as time and scheduling permit.

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