Tuesday 12 September 2017 (14h22) :
If I was truly evil

If I was truly evil this is what I would do.

I have been living well beyond my means for so long, there is no way I can ever repay my debts. Neither can I stop, I am so used to it and so comfortable in it that I believe I deserve it. Sure I can print money, but the rest of the world would have to believe it is money, and they seem to be somewhat reluctant to believe I will ever repay my debts. A dire situation. What to do?

Seeing that my attempts of ruling the world by arm twisting, lying a underhanded deals are failing, I would prepare for a final, decimating attempt to get rid off the opposing sides by force. Well from behind, since I do not want to get my hands dirty, neither do I want to further damage my image of the saviour of the world. So I need someone else to do this for me. Well it would have to be Europe, there is no other continent so strategically placed to do that and with enough resources to really do it. One problem however remains, the Europeans are not too keen on dying again on Russian fields, they did that too many times. So I would need to somehow use their resources but the bodies to die on Russian fields will have to be replaced. Someone mad enough, someone who did not have the experience with that, but willing to kill and be killed. Someone who trusts still in my good intentions. Who might that be? Well not Chinese, sure there’s enough of them, but they are too smart and they do not trust me at all. Not South Americans, they already have experienced my evilness. My own people certainly not, they are too fat and too stupid and very reluctant to die. Hey what about Muslims and Africans? Perfect. I have already made them mad, but not sure as to mad at what, just mad and hopeless enough that they may think anything would be better than this. Now all I need is to somehow make them to go to Europe

It may cause some friction there, but eventually I will come up with a perfect solution. Hey Europe, why don’t you arm them, train them and let them loose on the Russians? You will get rid off them and you will get a share of the Russian riches if they win. If they lose, well at least you got rid off them, no problem. Problem solved. Just how to get them to go to Europe. How about destroying their own lands so they are forced to leave. Perfect.

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