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American way of life
de : Cow-boy
mardi 29 juin 2010 - 01h49 - Signaler aux modérateurs
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Chewin-gum, Coca-Cola, Jeans, et...

Le droit au port d’armes s’applique à toute la nation, selon la Cour suprême américaine

"Le port d’armes, aux Etats-Unis, est garanti par le deuxième amendement de la Constitution, selon lequel "une milice bien organisée étant nécessaire à la sécurité d’un Etat libre, le droit qu’a le peuple de détenir et de porter des armes ne sera pas transgressé". Ce deuxième amendement, a confirmé lundi la Cour suprême, "s’applique de la même manière au gouvernement fédéral et aux Etats" composant l’Union."



... ou autres, c’est pareil.

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American way of life
29 juin 2010 - 10h59

Facebook supprime le Groupe Boycott BP, fort de 800,000 Membres :

Facebook Deletes Boycott BP Group, Which Had 800,000 Members
Tuesday, June 29 2010 @ 04:40 AM UTC
Contributed by : Admin
Views : 284

As recently as 30 minutes ago, Facebook has removed the main "Boycott BP" from it’s page. With it, it leave almost 800,000 fans hanging.


Posted by yadayadatwin

As recently as 30 minutes ago, Facebook has removed the main "Boycott BP" from it’s page. With it, it leave almost 800,000 fans hanging.

This group was created with the intent of sending a clear and strong message to BP and to Washington that what has happened in the Gulf has to stop everywhere.

People from all over the world shared video clips, pictures, and frustration over what has been seen incredibly slow process to an ever growing economic and environmental disaster.

Boycott BP and it’s creator, Lee Perkins, have been focused in several interviews recently, one of which was done with Diane Sawyer. To say he has made a large impact in a short amount of time is an understatement.

Read more


le boycott des stations BP atteint par endroit 40% aux USA :

Tension is mounting between BP and the neighborhood retailers that sell its gasoline. As more Americans shun BP gasoline as a form of protest over the Gulf oil spill, station owners are insisting BP do more to help them convince motorists that such boycotts mostly hurt independently owned businesses, not the British oil giant.
To win back customers, they’d like the company’s help in reducing the price at the pump.
BP owns just a fraction of the more than 11,000 stations across the U.S. that sell its fuel under the BP, Amoco and ARCO banners. Most are owned by local businessmen whose primary connection to the oil company is the logo and a contract to buy gasoline.
In recent weeks, some station owners from Georgia to Illinois say sales have declined as much as 10 percent to 40 percent.

Station owners and BP gas distributors told BP officials last week they need a break on the cost of the gas they buy, and they want help paying for more advertising aimed at motorists, according to John Kleine, executive director of the independent BP Amoco Marketers Association. The station owners, who earn more from sales of soda and snacks than on gasoline, also want more frequent meetings with BP officials.
"They have got to be more competitive on their fuel costs to the retailers so we can be competitive on the street ... and bring back customers that we’ve lost," says Bob Juckniess, who has seen sales drop 20 percent at some of his 10 BP-branded stations in the Chicago area.
Owners and distributors put forth their demands at a meeting in Chicago with BP marketing officials. BP’s reply could come as early as this week, says Kleine, whose group represents hundreds of distributors.
Station owners are locked into contracts that can last seven to 10 years in some cases. So, switching to a competing brand if BP refuses to help may not be an option.
BP spokesman Scott Dean declined to offer specifics about the discussions when contacted by The Associated Press.
"BP is in daily contact with its independent distributors and franchisees and helping them manage the impacts the oil spill is having on their businesses," he said.
Gasoline retailing trade groups say the boycott’s impact isn’t only evident in southern states such as Florida, Georgia and Tennessee, but also in places further from the spill like southern Pennsylvania. Jim Smith, president and CEO of the Florida Petroleum Marketers & Convenience Store Association, said BP has given some station owners a one-cent-per-gallon discount, which "doesn’t amount to much." Kleine told AP the discount appears limited to Florida. He declined to give the size of the discount that was requested at the Chicago meeting.
Websites and Facebook pages advocating a BP boycott popped up soon after oil started spewing into the Gulf in late April. Drivers only heeded the call when the spill’s full impact became apparent.
Paola Soldevilla, manager of a BP station in Pembroke Pines, Fla., said it was only when images of oil-soaked birds appeared in newspapers that sales fell off. So sharply, in fact, that she won’t be getting her usual one-week paid vacation.
Kevin Dalton can empathize. He owned a Citgo station when President Hugo Chavez made anti-American statements in 2006, leading to a boycott of the Venezuelan-owned gas company. Sales of gas and in-store items dropped more than 50 percent. Sales at his Shell station in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., have increased 15 percent since the spill started in late April, but he says it’s hard to directly tie that to a BP station less than a mile away.
Last week, Vincent Connolly’s GPS guided him to a BP station off Interstate 480 in Cleveland. But he had second thoughts after filling up for $2.75 a gallon.
"You don’t want to support anyone that’s killing the environment," he said.
That connection to the destruction on the Gulf Coast concerns Juckniess, the Chicago station owner. He’s been running his own promos — free coffee and $2 off a car wash — but he wants BP to step up support of both the stations and the BP brand.
"We’re their branded marketers," he says. "It would be foolish for BP to not support its branded marketers when clearly we can document that some of the loss that we’ve experienced is due to the incidents in the Gulf."
The biggest hit comes not from lost gas sales but from lost convenience store business. Owners like Juckniess make just pennies on a gallon of gas. But they might make up to 55 cents on a $1 cup of coffee. The margins on candy and chips are about 48 percent and 37 percent, respectively, Jeff Lenard of the National Association of Convenience Stores.
The boycott’s impact on BP is limited. The company makes most of its money exploring and producing oil in places such as Angola, Egypt, the North Sea and the Gulf of Mexico.
"The corner store is the face of BP, but by no means how BP gets its money," Lenard said.
And even if drivers opt to fill up at an Exxon or 7-Eleven, they still may buy BP gasoline. Because of the way gas is refined and marketed, BP fuel gets supplied to stations other than those with BP brands.
The boycott’s impact is felt less in rural areas, where people know the owners personally. And it helps to sell other necessities.
Dacia Radabaugh, who manages a BP station owned by her parents in Williamstown, W.Va., thinks the station is as popular as ever because it sells liquor and cigarettes to a regular crowd.
And of course some drivers are just more pragmatic.
"Gas is gas, buddy," said Danny Sullivan, making no apologies for filling up at a Little General BP station in Charleston, W.Va. "It don’t matter where it comes from."

Weber reported from Atlanta. Reporters Caryn Rousseau and Serena Dai in Chicago, Annie Greenberg in Miami, John Raby in West Virginia, Patrick Walters in Philadelphia, Erin Conroy in New York and Tom Sheeran in Cleveland contributed to this story.


American way of life
29 juin 2010 - 11h48 - Posté par

Fesse-Bouc vu par les gamins infernaux et inonoclastes de South Park :

"Vous avez 0 amis..." :-( (Original : You have 0 friend)

En français :

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Cette année encore notre syndicat participera à la Fête de l’Humanité les 13, 14 et 15 septembre à La Courneuve. Cet événement est à la fois un moment de débats politiques, syndicaux et sociaux, mais également des moments de partages entre camarades. C’est pour notre syndicat une manifestation grâce à laquelle nous pouvons faire connaître les combats que nous portons, rencontrer des salarié.es de nos secteurs d’activité et d’autres, échanger et approfondir des (...)
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Mes amis, C’est certainement la dernière fois que j’aurai à m’adresser à vous. La force aérienne a bombardé les tours de Radio Portales et de Radio Corporación. Mes paroles ne sont pas marquées d’amertume mais de déception, et seront le châtiment moral de ceux qui ont trahi leur serment : les soldats du Chili, les commandants en chef titulaires et l’amiral Merino, qui s’est promu lui-même, sans oublier Monsieur Mendoza, général perfide qui, hier encore, (...)
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LE RASSEMBLEMENT POUR GAËL AURA LIEU AU COMMISSARIAT DU 15e 250 RUE DE VAUGIRARD (Métro Vaugirard) aujourd’hui lundi 17 juin dès 12h30 Venez nombreux et faites tourner !! "On était au siège de La Poste pour négocier, la police a débarqué en mode Shining, à la hâche. Ils accusent T3s GaelQuirante de dégradations : mais c’est eux qui ont démoli les portes !" Gaël Quirante a été emmené en GAV ce dimanche, à 6h. "On était à deux doigts de signer un accord après un an de grève. (...)
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Présentation-débat « Le président des ultra-riches » Jeudi 4 juillet 2019 de 18:30 à 21:00
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Pour des raisons de disponibilités de Monique Pinçon-Charlot nous sommes contraints de décaler la rencontre débat prévue initialement le jeudi 20 juin au jeudi 4 juillet à 18h30. Excusez nous pour cet imprévu et espérons que vous pourrez venir à cette nouvelle date. Monique Pinçon-Charlot (sociologue de la grande bourgeoisie) nous fait l’honneur de venir présenter son dernier ouvrage "Le président des ultra-riches". Un livre passionnant qui enquête sur la dérive oligarchique du (...)
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En mémoire de Marceline Lartigue 10/11/1961 - 28/04/2018
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Le but de cet page est de récolter le maximum de souvenirs de Marceline, tout les contributions sont les bienvenues (photos, vidéos commentaires, pensée etc. etc.), et permettre doucement de faire passer ces moments si difficiles, merci https://www.facebook.com/MARCELINELARTIGUE.ORG
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Marceline Lartigue : une femme, une artiste flamboyante
mardi 8 mai
de Raphaël de Gubernatis
Marceline Lartigue, qui vient d’être victime d’une rupture d’anévrisme à la veille des défilés du 1er mai, à Paris, avait une beauté d’une autre époque. Éclatante et pulpeuse, un peu à la façon de Brigitte Bardot dans son jeune temps. Et avec cela un chic extraordinaire pour se vêtir, une élégance toute théâtrale dont elle était sans doute la première à s’amuser, même si elle devait être parfaitement consciente de l’effet de ses tenues si recherchées dans (...)
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Adieu Marceline
lundi 7 mai
de Nicolas Villodre
Une cérémonie aura lieu lundi 7 mai à 13h30 au crématorium du Père Lachaise à Paris. Marceline Lartigue est partie avec le froid d’avril, samedi 28, victime d’une rupture d’anévrisme. Elle était danseuse, chorégraphe, militante de gauche depuis toujours, de père (Pierre Lartigue) et mère (Bernadette Bonis) en fille. L’attaque l’a prise, en plein mouvement, en pleine rue. Son compagnon Roberto Ferrario l’a vue tomber devant lui « pendant la diffusion de (...)
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