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Back to School for Fascist Dupont-Aignan

by Nouveau Comité de Vigilance des Intellectuels Antifascistes - Open-Publishing - Thursday 15 September 2016

Last week end, the brand new public news channel FranceInfo hosted the head of small time party Debout La France (lit. France Arise)on their morning show. Discussing with a columnist he wanted to get rid of during the 2012 presidential campaign, the far right candidate invited the audience to his political year kick-off event in Aubervilliers with pro-Russia intellectual Jacques Sapir and billionaire Charles Beigbeder…

Debout La France is a sovereigntist and anti-migrants, in other words a far-right party. However its leader, Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, ideologically close to American neo-conservatives and “clash of civilizations” theorists, is frequently invited on public television to broadcast his message with taxpayer’s money. Thanks to the cunning press officers–, among those an ex-soldier for queen of French lobbyingAnne Méaux’s companyImage7 (linked to GoldmanSachs once again), he is now competing with Front National’s (the main far right party in France) VP for most appearances on morning shows.

He was hosted on the new channel by Jean Michel Apathie, a “journalist” he condemned during his 2012 presidential campaign for having an “unethically” high salary (15k monthly according to Le Parisien). But all that is in the past as they are now thick as thieves (same goes for the “complete shit” Frederic Haziza, who started inviting him back on RadioJ).

For this grand reunion, Charles Pasqua’s (French businessman and Gaullist politician) old collaborator did not fail to advertise for his Aubervilliers event. By hosting it in the popular 93département(French equivalent of a county), he hits it big and seeks to take on the mantle of champion of the working class. In order to achieve this blow, he had help from former communist Alderman and now advisor to the CEO of French multinational insurance firm AXA Eugène-Henri Moré, who headed an electoral list in said département for the 2015 regional elections.

NDA definitely enjoys mixing approaches in his movement. As the AFP journalist Guillaume Daudin notes, at this private party duly paid for with retired supporters’ money, Pro-Russia intellectual Jacques Sapir will share the podium with Charles Beigbeder, a man who made billions in the world of banking! Nicolas Dupont-Aignan really is an authentic caricature.

As the communist newspaper Les Matérialistes perfectly illustrates, French Fascism has gone through a real division of labour. MrDupont-Aignan may parade in Aubervilliers to boost his “people factor” but it is obvious that his primary goal is not to raise any crowds! Looking at his technocratic approach and managerial ideal, the website summarizes: “If Marine Le Pen’s role is to mobilize the crowds, Nicolas Dupont-Aignan’s is to attract the right-wing intellectuals, the managers of the Bourgeois State”.

Now that Jean-Pierre Chevènement (prominent French left-wing figure and previous minister) has accepted to head the Islam Foundation, let’s hope he will deny this petty whippersnapper his moral backing.

“We cannot fight against fascist groups without fighting the government accused of letting them thrive, if not helping them, against social-democracy. We cannot overturn the fascist inclinations of the regime if we don’t call out the Socialist Party’s unconditional support of the government which develops them.”

Nouveau Comité de Vigilance des Intellectuels Antifascistes