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Bush, & Prince Abduallah hold hands, discuss oil prices

Tuesday 26 April 2005

US President George W. Bush (L) and Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz discussed the soaring cost of oil but emerged with no short-term fix for sky-high gas prices.

Exxon Mobil reaps record profits - 2001

Bush and Saudi crown prince find no easy solution to oil price crunch

Exxon Mobil Posts Record Profits - 2005

The most obvious villains are the giant oil companies and rich oil countries such as Saudi Arabia.

Exxon Mobil profits exceed $25bn

The biggest reason pump prices have risen is the surging global price of crude oil, which was caused by the war in Iraq.

One thing that’s never talked about is how much oil the war machine uses. Think about all those tanks, planes, aircraft carriers etc... shipping troops and equipment around the world... we could have given every American 100 gallons of gas per year for years.

Bay oil refiners seek big tax cuts
Schools will suffer most if $44 million in rollbacks is OKd

ChevronTexaco buys rival for $18bn- Deal expected to usher in fresh wave of energy mergers (and monopoly control)

That’s our president, giving ol’ Bandar Bush an extra little squeeze of the hand, working those gas prices down for us. What more could you ask of a President?

I guess it’d be nice if he asked all those oil company execs, "Hey folks, everyone in America is getting pinched, prices on all food and household goods are skyrocketing because of the high gas prices.... times are tight for most in our nation and you guys are still making record profits? It seems like you’re taking more than your share of the pie, eh?"

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Forum posts

  • In the 3-month short term thinking of American stock market economy nowadays more and more companies deny long term investments like huge plants which take huge amounts of money to invest.
    And that is the problem! America has to import gasoline from the spot markets and that can’t be cheap! Also if the oil prices are going down it will hardly effect the American markets for customer products like diesel and gasoline.
    Moreover there is fear that in the future the American public will suffer from power outages. Reason? Lack of investment.
    Another example: the majority of water supply in America is owned by foreign countries. You know why?
    Yes you got it! Short term profit oriented companies don’t invest! But let’s have a look to another "great" economy: Great Britain. The lack of investment and an incredible low cost managment has endangered public services like transport and health care. You need an operation in Britain?
    Well we have to send you abroad!

    Wake up consumer and get rid of phony analyst tallking and stock market patterns, with a value which is only statistical!

  • I did not think that West Hollywood had nice landscaping!

  • "The biggest reason pump prices have risen is the surging global price of crude oil, which was caused by the war in Iraq."

    Actually, the biggest reason is a lack of refineries in the United States.

    • Fact: Oil is traded in dollars.
      Fact: The dollar is worth much less since Bush.
      Fact: Even our best friends are not willing to accept LESS VALUE FOR THEIR PRODUCTS.
      Fact: This not all of the other contributing reasons, not the leas of which is the oil Barons have never made so much profit in the history of oil, is why oil is $55.00 per barrel. The per barrel price is the price before refining. Oil was $25 to $30 just a year ago.....figure it out people, don’t fall for the shit.
      Fact: As long as Bush is going to mortgage our country and our economy to enrich him and his buddies, we are going to be paying more for everything. No other country likes that much that they are going to accept half of the value or less for their goods.

      So bottom line its the economy and the debt not some boggieman or mysterious unexplainable Fake News explaination.

      The government doesn’t want anyone to tell you, so the propaganda ministry is under orders to spew disinformation....don’t be used by them.

    • Bush assumes the role of faggot so naturally, I guess that is why he was so compatible with Jim/Jeff Gurcket/Gannon.

    • Poor man..... fancy having to kiss Bush.........

  • Oil prices are an effect of terrorism. Terrorists do not like gas pollution, they actually fear it. By manipulating the oil supply, (imagine an attack of planes on the oil fields), they keep the price higher, affecting the use. 813006

    • Terrorists don’t like gas pollution? GET REAL! They don’t give a darn about pollution of any kind. They’re mad because the West (U.S., Britain and Israel) are forcing the world into their own "free market economy" and culture, and some don’t like it!
      As far as oil is concerned, remember that US oil production peaked around 1970. There’s a good chance Saudi Arabia’s oil supplies are reaching their peak oil production now. We’re draining the world of oil quickly, especially with China bidding for massive amounts of the stuff.
      And we’re still driving 10 mpg SUVs!!!
      And there’s still no federal funds for any mass transit systems, just more roads for more individualized cars!
      And Good ol’ George want to run AMTRAK out of business!
      And neither Dems or Repubs can talk about raising CAFE standards!
      Any country that has oil (read Venezuela) will cowtow to the US, or we’ll demonize their leaders, claim they harbor terrorists or WMD, and then invade and TAKE their oil!
      Because God said it is OK.

  • Abduallah to Bush: "Is that a stick in your pants, or are you just happy to see me?"

  • I was curious to see if I could figure out who was the dominate partner in the picture. It appears the Bush is dominate, which implies he is leading in this situation. The idea that something homosexual is happening here is just stupid, although men in western culture do not express their freindship in this way, thus it appears strange to us.

    To my knowledge production capacity has not changed much, so the change in cost is not in the production area as much as in is in the raw materials. Almost any jolt in the supply sends that cost higher. Increasing supply of direct material should bring down the cost, where is the supply increase from the Russians? They have very large supplies.

    It appears that much of the increase can be attributed to increase demand. As with all raw materials, this commodity has seen increased global demand, apparently from China. I don’t think anyone expects this to change in any direction but up as China takes it’s place in the world as the leading manufacturer. China with its nearly exhaustible supply of cheap, nearly slave, labor is the biggest problem the west will have to deal with in the future.

    Life is cheap and there are no environmental standards in many parts of the world. Leading manufacturers will chase the low cost this is the nature of economics. The leading leading edge of restructuing is upon us now as we come to grips with these facts. The question might be, will there be costly standards world wide or is it simply to be a free for all? In the free for all scenario, the cheapest labor and no standards wins. I believe it was an economics professor from the University of Chicago that said slavery is a viable society. As in sports, where steriods gives an edge, you can not compete with out the edge, you must do it, because the competition does.

    Is it better to hold hands and achieve an understanding? The Middle East may be experiencing change historically equal to the coming down of the Iron Curtain. In a part of the world where the dominate society is more like a fued between the Hatfields and the McCoys, what are the prospects of this ending peacefully? There are many that believe Democracy is but a small blip on the historical timeline and it remians but an infant in this respect. It, Democracy, is not the dominate form of governance in the world, nor has it ever been.

    • Bush was a cheerleader who used to dress femm. His closest advisor is Karl Rove who is reportedly a gay (with family values) there are many rumors that Bush himself is bi, these photos make one ask which one got the "Lewinski"?

    • Bush is nothing but a whore for oil, the Saudi Arabians were responsible for 9/11 and here he is kissing all over that terrorist. Bush has no morals, all he cares about is how much money he can make from the oil and arms industries. But he has all the Bible thumpers totally fooled (not hard since they would believe anything) with his nonstop lies. They love the guy even though any fool could see what a corrupt assclown he is. What is hilarious is that they think loving this immoral bastard will get them a ticket to heaven, what a joke.

    • The Saudis are no more responsible for 9/11 than the U.S. Once we get off the scapegoating bandwagon and start self-reflecting we will see this clearly. We have such a short memory span that we conveniently forget who financed and prodded the Saudi government (corrupt, yes) into rounding up every religious zealot and fanatic they could get there hands on in the Muslim world and sent them to Afghanistan to train in terrorist training camps. Yes, what they were doing against the Soviets and their puppet Afghan government was terrorism. Now we want to cry like little bitches and point our fingers at the Saudis saying "its all their fault". Ever heard of "blowback"?, reap what you sow? The Saudis are currently fighting for the survival of their dictatorship and all their American "friends" can offer is criticism and blame. With friends like us, who the hell needs enemies. See, the terrorist were not a problem until they started terrorizing us. We will continue to have this problem because we really are not sincere about fighting terrorism or spreading democracy. These are convenient tools that we use to further other aims. We are not sincere, we use terrorism when it benefits us (the Contras) and are only concerned with appearing to support or encourage democracy when it clearly benefits us in the short term. I remeber before the Iraqi "elections" when Donald "rummy" Rumsfield was asked what would the U.S. do if these "free" elections produced an Iraqi government modeled after Iran’s theocracy; he summed it all up by stateing unequivocably that this would not be allowed! So much for democracy.

    • I’m a quote "Bible Thumper" and he hasn’t fooled me. I can see right through the lies. Maybe the thumpers need to put there focus above and not on here on earth. :)

    • Judging by the landscape. They is in TEXAS!

      Nice Bluebonnets. Way to bring that dead ol scum onto our soil.

  • I just posted this on another yahoo! board. But for your edification . . .

    Is anyone awake enough this fine Saturday to ask yourselves "Where IS al Zarcoward & co. getting the weapons, money, training, and logistic support to carry on his attempts? Syria hasn’t got the money or the brains to help, the Palistinians are MORE than willing to commit suicide, but are dirt-poor, the Saudis are not that audacious, and Lebanon is a Syrian province.

    But there is another country, just to the Northeast, whose name also begins with Ir - - -

    And what does Iran have to gain? Iran is driven by a power-mad Ayatollah, with his hand-picked puppet president, and is intent on destroying Israel. With a VAST Shi’ite majority in its population, and visions of smoldering Israelites dancing in their ragheads, the Iranians have already set in motion what it thinks will be the beginnings of a thousand-year reich for their Ayatollah.

    Except that this guy only wants to take the world back to the 7th Century, impose Sharia, and kill every "infidel" (read: Jew, Christian, Sunni, Kurd, Hindu, Buddhist and athiest) in the world!

    The Iranians are funnelling money, arms, ammunition and every kind of assistance possible, to the Sunnis and al Zarcoward, so as to foment a civil war in Iraq. Then, they scream in sympathy with the Shi’ites in Iraq, and do everything possible to drive a wedge between them and the Sunnis, so as to set the spark off!!

    Bush and Cheney are right, for once — Iran IS the most dangerous country in the world, and they HAVE to be stopped. Russia, France, Germany and Belgium are playing with dynamite, and will wind up the first to die, after Iran takes over the Middle East. And it will take the United States, once again, to pull everybody’s fat out of the fire for them.

    Iran needs to be turned into a vast glass parking lot, and then we need to send in the Army and Air Force to paint stripes on it!

    And I am hardly a warmonger, I just tell the truth. If we don’t stop them now, then WHEN? After Istael is a cinder? After they attack Saudi Arabia, subjugate Iraq, destroy the rest of the Mideast and invade Turkey, Belgium, Germany and France?

    A couple of well-placed 50-kiloton tactical nukes should get their attention. I seriously doubt anything else will!