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For a big european demonstration against the UE’s authoritarianism and for the social progress

venerdì 3 giugno 2005

- Contatta l'autore

Hello everybody !!

I’m Eînte. I’m french and I don’t speak italian, that’s why I’m writing in English here. I usually post often in the french section of Bellaciao. But if I’m writing here, that’s because I wanted to suggest to organise ourselves to make a big european demonstration in every countries of Europe, the same day, against the EU’s authoritarianism and for the social progress.

Each population has got a reason to demonstrate :

=> this one which did not have any referendum

=> that one which could have a referendum but its government decided to cancel it

=> this one who had a referendum but the government and medias decided to ignore the reason or the vote

We shall start to talk now, to bring new ideas, to get the project bigger, etc

Up to us to dream, to imagine, to discuss, to create that big european demonstration against the UE authoritarianism and for the social progress

Let’s start to imagine it collectively and then to organise it together to make it real.

To make something subversive, intense, beautiful and creative, each part of the social body needs to be informed, and bring its participation, bringing its ideas, etc ...

We could talk about it on Bellaciao, but as many other topics are greated, the oldest ones disappear and we can lose the thread of our discussion about this project. To make projects, I think that it’s important to read topics and posts which aren’t always moving. So I’ve created a forum in french and english called Change the system.

In that forum, we can talk about different other projects, different ideas, to fight capitalism and change the system, we can think and talk about the society. Every talk is welcome.

For those wo are okay, here’s the link :

Talk about this around you ;o)

Thank you